Established in 2000
My wife is from Guadalajara Mexico. After years of being a stay at home mother she wanted to venture back out into business. She saw a need in our small town for a higher quality Mexican restaurant with furnishings and decor you would find in Guadalajara. We started our venture in Sept 1999. Working late nights with kids in had (3 yrs, 2 yrs). I would leave my engineering job to meet my wife at the restaurant. We worked late into the night getting the restaurant ready to open. January 3, 2000 we opened. I continued to work my engineering job. I worked night shift during this time as an engineer and day shift at the restaurant. I was probably averaging 4 hrs sleep. After 1.5 years the restaurant was doing well enough for me to quit my engineering job. It has been 13 years now. We have added 4 more restaurants, Pulaski, Columbia, Lewisburg and Meridianville. We must be doing something right.